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Access Insurance out of California

Access Insurance

California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones has issued a cease and desist order against Access Insurance Co., which requires it to immediately stop transacting, soliciting, negotiating, or administering and writing any new or renewal insurance business of any kind in the state of California.

We regret to inform you that the California department of insurance has ordered Access Insurance Company to stop doing business in California. What does this mean? If you have access as your insurance company contact us as soon as possible to switch you over to another company. If you require only Minimum Liability Insurance contact us for a quote.

Yessenia’s Customers

Contact us to help you with this transition as we have already helped many of our current customers. In some cases our customers have switched over to other providers and saved money. At Yessenia’s we will do anything we can to make sure our customers are aware of the access insurance issue. If you need to add another car to your policy right now is the best time to do so as we will not charge an office fee for all customers that we are switching over.

Access will not be taking any more payments and all policies will be terminated by April 12, 2018.


Important Notice

Access Insurance Company was placed into liquidation based on a finding of insolvency on March, 13, 2018. All Access Insurance Company policies will be terminated by no later then April 12, 2018, unless they otherwise expire beforehand. You need to obtain substitute coverage before that date. Claims will be handled by your state’s Insurance Guaranty Association according to the provisions of its enabling status.


We will post more information on how to make a claim or you can call us for any information you may have at 1-800-383-4008.